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Reservation Policy and Hotel Rules

Reservation Policy

In order to confirm the reservation you need to prepay at least one night of your stay. 

Our Bank info as  follows:


Account name: ISUF DARIU

Address: Street Riviera, 9706, Ksamil 

Bank name: OTP Bank Albania

Iban: AL7690263347 0171 23021870 5594


Hotel Rules 

Dear guests, to ensure safety and comfort of the Hotel guests during their stay, we have clarified our guidelines.

Check-in & Check-out Policy:

Check in.   13:00 - 17:00

Check out    7:00 - 10:00

A flexible check-in and check-out policy may be applied upon request. Additional charges may apply.


Payment for your entire stay should be made during check-in. You need to prepay only the first night in advance to confirm the reservation.

Personal Documents:

Guests agree and consent to the hotel processing (photocopying/scanning) their personal documents for registration purposes.

Key Card & Departure:

Guests will receive a key card upon registration at the reception and are expected to ensure the door is properly locked when leaving their room. Guests are required to return the key card to the receptionist upon departure. If a key card is lost or not returned, a penalty of 10 EUR will be incurred.

Child Accommodation:

Children/infants are not permitted to share a bed with other guests. We are pleased to offer cribs (for child up to two years old) for specific room types upon request. Reservation is required. Please note that cribs cannot be accommodated in all room categories.

Room guests:

Rooms can only be used by guests who have registered at the reception with a valid identification document.


Guests may have visitors in their rooms, but they must be registered at reception and visits inside the rooms are allowed until 8 p.m.

Child Supervision:

For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 must not be left unsupervised in the hotel room or common premises.

Early Check-outs:

No refunds is provided for early check-outs. Guests may not assign their room to third parties even if their paid period has not yet expired.

Room Inventory:

It is not allowed to remove room inventory (pillows, blankets, towels) from the hotel. Guests will be responsible for any loss or damage to hotel property caused by themselves, their guests, or any person for whom they are responsible.

Safe Deposit Box:

A safe deposit box is available for guest use, located in the wardrobe in each room. The hotel assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss of personal belongings. In case of loss, guests are kindly asked to immediately inform reception. It is recommended to double-check the safe deposit box upon departure.

Air Conditioning:

All rooms have air conditioning; however, it should not be used when windows are open or not properly closed. Guests are asked to turn off the air conditioning when leaving the room.

Food & Beverages:

Bringing outside food and beverages into the hotel is not allowed and the hotel reserves the right to remove such items.

Window Display Prohibited:

Hanging items in guest room windows that may affect the hotel's appearance is prohibited. Please use the provided hangers in the balcony.

Do Not Disturb Sign:

Each room is equipped with a "Do Not Disturb" sign that may be activated on the door panel. The hotel rule is that this sign cannot be displayed for longer than 24 hours. After this time, the hotel reserves the right to enter the room for safety and security reasons. When the sign is ON, the room will NOT be cleaned.

Room Cleaning:

Room cleaning will be performed from 08:00 - 15:00. If a specific time is requested, arrangements can be made at the front desk. Linen will be changed every third day. Additional room cleaning may be requested by using the cleaning sign on the door panel.

Breakfast Buffet:

A buffet breakfast is included in the room rate and is available at the restaurant from 08:00 to 10:00.

Smoking Policy:

The hotel is entirely non-smoking. In case of non-compliance, a penalty of 5,000 ALL or 50 EUR will be incurred according to local law.


Free Wi-Fi is available. The password will be provided at reception and on the key card folder. Please be aware that not all areas are covered by Wi-Fi.

Beach Towels:

Beach towels will be provided during check-in. To request a clean towel, the old towel should be handed in at reception. Guests are required to return the beach towels to the receptionist upon departure. If a beach towel is lost or not returned, a penalty of 20 EUR will be incurred.

Appropriate Dress:

Guests must wear appropriate attire when moving through the public spaces of the hotel.

Beach Umbrella & Chairs:

The hotel provides guests with 1 beach umbrella and 2 beach chairs for each room. An umbrella number will be reserved for the room on the day of check in. If the guest wants to have a different spot reserved for the next day, should notify reception to check availability and reserve it one day ahead if available.


When renting items such as towels or kayaks, guests are required to leave a valid form of identification, such as a passport or driver's license, at the front desk as a security deposit. The identification will be returned upon return of the rented items in good condition.

Prohibited Devices:

Room heaters, electric irons, and other similar devices that are not part of the hotel room equipment are not allowed due to fire safety.

Prohibited Items:

Bringing explosives, weapons, flammable materials, or dangerous chemicals into the hotel is strictly prohibited.


You can use Manta Resort parking space for a fee (10 euro/night). Reservation is requested as limited space is available. The hotel is not responsible for any damage or loss to vehicles in the parking lot.

Night Quite Hours:

From 23:00 to 07:00, quiet hours are observed. Guests are asked to be considerate and avoid making noise that may disturb others. Disturbing other guests is not allowed. The hotel reserves the right to refuse further hospitality to guests who disturb others or violate house rules.

Damage to the property:

Guests will be responsible for covering the cost of any damage caused to hotel property.

Payment Guarantee:

Payment guarantee is required. In case of a long stay the services are to be paid on the weekly basis. 

Late Departures:

Departures after 10:00 a.m. will be considered late departures and an additional cost of 20 EUR per hour will be applied to the guest's hotel account. If the departure is after 5 p.m., an extra night including breakfast will be charged. Please check with reception for details.

Fire Alarm:

In case of a fire alarm, guests must follow the evacuation plan instructions attached to the inside of their room door.


Animals are not allowed inside the hotel.

Commercial Photography:

Using photographs and videos taken in the hotel for commercial or public purposes without mentioning the hotel is not allowed and violators will be subject to prosecution.

Left Behind Personal Belongings:

Personal belongings left by guests in the hotel room upon departure will be sent to the address indicated by the guest at their own expense. If no instructions are provided, the belongings will be stored by the hotel for 3 months.

Hotel Rules:

Guests are assumed to be familiar with and accept the hotel rules at check in.

Violation of Hotel Rules:

In case of violation of hotel rules and management policies, the hotel management reserves the right to request a guest to vacate their room or other areas of the hotel.

Modification of Rules:

The hotel management reserves the right to add, alter, or amend any of these terms, conditions, and rules.

Applicable Laws:

Guests are requested to observe, abide by, and comply with all applicable acts, laws, and government rules and regulations of the Republic of Albania.

Suggestions & Complaints:

Guests are encouraged to inform the hotel of any suggestions or technical problems at their earliest convenience. We will try our best to resolve any issues that are within our powers.

Cancellation Policy

The guest will be charged the cost of the first night if they cancel after reservation is confirmed. Once a booking is confirmed, the length of stay cannot be shortened. Early check outs, late check-ins and reservation changes are not refundable.

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